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Sign Up to Buy, Sell, or Follow

BUY: Find a souvenir from your favorite show or renderings, sketches, and models by an admired designer. Sign up and be the first to receive updates on newly added items. Broadway Design Exchange will handle all purchases via PayPal or credit card and cost of shipping is included. Visit our "BUY" page to browse.

SELL: Any theatre related items may be sold: models, sketches, prints, photographs, artwork, souvenirs/memorabilia, playbills, books, props, costumes, accessories, etc.. Sign up to register and visit our "SELL" page for more FAQs. 

FOLLOW: At Broadway Design Exchange, our aim is to continue expanding the website as demands and trends evolve. Sign up to receive announcements for future marketplace events and website features such as online auctions, design forum, and swap mart. Become part of bringing fans, collectors, theatre, and media artists together for the mutual benefit of all!

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Questions about pricing? Please contact us at info@broadwaydex.com or call us at 212-673-6223.

**It is recommended that all sellers include the cost of shipping in their prices to simplify purchases. The seller will be responsible for shipping all items to the buyers.

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There is no charge for listing items and you may list as many items as you wish; the minimal price that can be charged for any listing is $10.00. For every item sold there will be a 10% charge deducted from each sale.
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